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elcome! We are a professional Lake Tahoe photography service based out of South Lake Tahoe, CA. We shoot portrait and action photography sessions, by appointment in the Tahoe basin. We're also the official on-mountain photography service at Kirkwood Mountain Resort, and Sierra at Tahoe ski areas. View your portrait, action and kids ski school photos, then order prints, enlargements and photo gifts of your favorite images. Choose from a variety of fun photo gifts like photo mugs, puzzles and magnets and more! Photo Gifts from your Lake Tahoe Vacation are a fun way to enjoy your photos at home, work or on the go. Share your photos with family and friends! What's new? Scope out our Photography Blog for recent events and information.

OK, your pictures turned out really good, now how do you select the right size print or photo enlargement for your needs? Think about how you want to display your image. Where the photo would look best in the house or office, and order an appropriate size photo for that spot. What's appropriate? If your framing it and hanging it on the wall, get one large enough so that visitors to your home can easily see it without having to actually get up and walk over to look at it. If your putting it on an end table, or in a photo album the 5"x7" or an 8"x10" is probably big enough since the viewer will be closer. You can get a smaller ones such as a 4x6's on the real close up portrait photos, and still have a reasonable image size. One thing is for sure, a good action shot looks better nice and big, a framed and nicely matted 11x14 or larger is best for that amazing 1000th of a second slice of your life! On the full length group photo, the rule of thumb is to get a larger print, so that you can see everyone in the photo when you view it from more a few feet away.


EW!!! Would you like to own the rights to your digital photography? No prob! Now all our photo session packages include a number of instantly downloadable digital images so you can do your own photo printing! Buying the digital photo rights lets you make your own prints and photo gifts from your Lake Tahoe photos. Digital image downloads are now available in 2 sizes:

  • $24 Dollar Download SALE!!! Original Full Size Download - For a limited time, you can own the original full size image of your Lake Tahoe picture and create your own beautiful prints and enlargements for only $24. From now through 2/12/09 Save $10! No coupon is necessary, just add photo to your cart to take advantage of our best price ever for the full res download.
  • 1MP Digital Download - The perfect size file for internet use including your bio or profile photo and making smaller prints like 4x6's.

And the best part? Our instant digital downloads are royalty free. So you can use your Lake Tahoe picture as much as you want without paying additional fees, ever! Make your own holiday cards, enlargements and more... In a hurry? Digital downloads are available immediately for instant download upon purchase!

See a Tahoe picture here you like? Vote for it by clicking on the green thumbs-up that appears when you hover your mouse pointer over the photo!

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